Dr. Nicole Redmond

Unsolicited Advice

I’m entering “mid-life” and I’m more sought after for advice since I’ve reached a critical mass of life experience. But more frequently, I feel compelled to share some “pearl of wisdom” with someone who does not have the benefit of looking through my career “retrospectoscope”. Having travelled a circuitous path through the Ivory Tower of academic medicine and research, I frequently feel compelled to offer warnings and reassurance to those who don’t know that they don’t know.

I find myself referring to the same resources over and over, so hopefully this website will be a time-saving measure for me.  Now, rather than composing essentially the same email or social media post over and over, I can just point you here!



Image Credit: Powerpoint figure from UCSF faculty Mary-Ann Shafer, MD; Bill Lindstaedt; Nannette Nemenzo

This resource is intended to be a dynamic work in progress.  Feel free to comment and suggest topics to add!


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